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Possible bug – can't update metadata via ACF metaboxes

  • I really love this plugin, however, when we use it to enter metadata on a Post, and then later go in to modify that metadata if it’s needed, it does NOT update to the wp_postmeta table in the WP database.

    I use this plugin to make it easier for users to enter metadata, and I hide the (standard) Custom Fields module on the Posts screen…this also allows me to better control what gets entered and the formats, etc.

    I’ve discovered that if any of the metadata needs to be changed after the Post is saved, it can only *really* be changed using the Custom Fields, not the ACF-created metaboxes, but I don’t want to have the Custom Fields showing on the Post entry/edit screen.

    Can you please look at this and tell me if it can be fixed/changed? Thanks!

  • Hi @TrishaM

    I think you are suffering from a plugin conflict which is preventing ACF from posting data. Perhaps another plugin / theme code is using the $_POST[‘fields’] variable which is overriding ACF’s save_post action?

    Good luck in your debugging. I would first disables all plugins / theme.


  • Hi Elliot

    Thanks for the quick reply……I’ve checked all the plugins carefully, and the only other one that does anything with post metadata is the All-in-One SEO pack, which we can’t get rid of.

    ACF does post the data just fine when it’s initially entered, it just doesn’t seem to update it if someone edits an existing Post and changes some of what was originally entered. I was testing on a Post where I ‘unhid’ the normal (WP) Custom Fields metabox, which shows the same key>value pairs as was entered using the ACF custom fields, but they don’t update if we change the data in the ACF fields, only if we change it in the (WP) Custom Fields…since we don’t give our users access to the WP Custom Fields, it seems like we can’t modify metadata…..

    Any other thoughts or suggestions?

  • Hi @TrishaM

    My other thoughts are to debug the issue.

    I would jump into the acd.php file and find the save_post function and start printing out variables (debugging) to see if the function is running correctly.

    Good luck


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