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Position : High (after title) not working

  • Latest version of WordPress (4.0.1) and ACF (5.1.3).

    When I set a custom field group’s position to High (after title) the custom fields show up underneath the TinyMCE WYSIWYG editor.

  • I seem to be having the same issue. Did you find any resolution?

  • I found the serialized database entry for the ACF block and tweaked it to ‘reset’ it. Sorry I can’t give you any specifics, this was a while back now.

  • Hi i also encountered same issue. May i know how do you actually fix this?

  • Other than editing the database entry as mentioned above, I don’t believe there is currently another way.

  • Still does not work in mid 2015.

  • Actually, just worked it out. Put this in your functions.php file:

    function prefix_reset_metabox_positions(){
      delete_user_meta( 1, 'meta-box-order_post' );
      delete_user_meta( 1, 'meta-box-order_page' );
      delete_user_meta( 1, 'meta-box-order_custom_post_type' );
    add_action( 'admin_init', 'prefix_reset_metabox_positions' );
  • Note, if the above isn’t working for you, you may have a different user ID. Replace the number 1 in the code above with wp_get_current_user()->ID

  • Hey @rasso et al., I know this is several years old now, but I just had this problem, and this thread helped me solve it.


    There was one thing missing that I had to learn the hard way.


    …should be…

    meta-box-order_[YOUR custom_post_type SLUG HERE]

    So, in my case…


    When we add in @tdmalone‘s helpful addition, the full code becomes…

    function prefix_reset_metabox_positions(){
      delete_user_meta( wp_get_current_user()->ID, 'meta-box-order_post' );
      delete_user_meta( wp_get_current_user()->ID, 'meta-box-order_page' );
      delete_user_meta( wp_get_current_user()->ID, 'meta-box-order_YOUR_CPT_SLUG' );
    add_action( 'admin_init', 'prefix_reset_metabox_positions' );
  • This absolutely works for me. Thanks.

    Amazing that it’s been so long.

    I may look for a plugin dedicated to customising placement of all post metaboxes actually.

    Update: I subsequently needed to remove the code from functions.php if I wanted to also respect that custom order with which I had dragged other boxes around. The code keeps resetting them, too, not just the ACF field group.

  • Many thanks to @rasso and @tjkelly for their helpful solution – this worked for me!

    NOTE to @iamrobertandrews and anyone else who finds this thread: THIS function as shown above (with your correct user ID and custom post type if you use CPTs) is meant to be a one-time use function – you put it in your functions.php (or a custom plugin if you have one) and then refresh any back-end admin page for it to run, then you can either remove it or comment it out until you need it again.

  • I’m apparently not doing it right. I added tjkelly’s final code snippet (minus the third “delete_user_meta” line, because I don’t have any custom post types code) to functions.php, saved the change, and then tried both Edit Post and Add Post. The custom fields group is still at the bottom (below the post content area where Gutenberg blocks go). I’m using WP 5.3.2 with Meks’ Voice theme, if that matters. I put the new code at the very bottom of functions.php, right before ?>.

  • Also doesn’t work for me.

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