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Position: After Title [Solution Inside]

  • Hi,
    After 1-2 years, i checked your plugin and wow.. it changed so much tbh. It will be one of my toolbox now. Thanks for theme include option!

    Anyway, I see we have 2 option for position: Normal & Side. I suggest to add 1 more: “After Title”.

    Actually it would be so easy implementation. When users selected it, just save it as ‘position’ => ‘advanced’ and move it with jquery for example;

    add_action("edit_form_after_title", "firmasite_edit_form_after_title");
    function firmasite_edit_form_after_title(){
    	jQuery("#advanced-sortables [id^=acf_]").insertAfter("#titlediv");

    directly use “edit_form_after_title” action, for example:

    add_action("edit_form_after_title", "firmasite_edit_form_after_title");
    function firmasite_edit_form_after_title(){
    	global $post, $wp_meta_boxes;
    	do_meta_boxes(get_current_screen(), 'advanced', $post);
  • Thanks, great feature addition! I was wishing for this exact feature. I would like to suggest adding an option for prepending an optional title to the main editor metabox, since it now appears to standalone without any differentiation from the other metaboxes. Perhaps I can code it up later tonight, but maybe someone will beat me to it 😉

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