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Portfolio Gallery – maximum number of images allowed?

  • I am trying to create a portfolio gallery. I’ve successfully uploaded 254 images and all is going well but now cannot upload any additional images… is there a maximum number of images allowed? If yes, can I change this to allow for any number of images to be supported?


  • Hi @r_vickers2

    Is it possible that your host has set up an upload limit for your site?

    – What kind of errors are reported when you upload more images?

  • Hi James – Yes, thank you. I asked bluehost to increase the upload limit and everything is working now. Thank you

  • Spoke too soon…now I am experiencing the same issue again. The error is that I can add images to the gallery but when I click to update the post the added images are gone when the page reloads. I am able to add 295 images but nothing past that… Bluehost informed me that they already increased the limit, should I ask them to increase it further?

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