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Populating the custom fields with content data

  • So i created all the needed custom fields and the template. All works fine.
    Now i need to move all the data from the content to custom fields.
    Problem is there are thousands of posts. It will take me years to finish.
    Are there any scripts or anything that would make this task easier?

  • What kind of fields are you trying to populate with data from the content?

    Maybe possible if your moving content to a wysiwyg field, but if you’re splitting up your content into multiple fields then the only way to do it will be the hard way.

  • Yeah, no. all the info is scattered around the default wysiwyg editor and i have to move it to like 6 different ACF. Just making sure i’m not doing it the dumb way. I thought maybe some regular expressions and programming could help allocate things faster. I think most people that use ACF start the project doing so, they don’t realize they need it 3 years later like me. Sucks for me. Thanks for clarification!

  • If all of the data for each field is somehow in the wysiwyg field in some way that it can be axtracted, for example the data for one field is always in a p element with a specific class, and the same of everything else so that it can be reliably extracted, then using something like regular expressions may do it. It would still take a lot of testing and patience. It’s also not something you could run through a browser, it’s something you’d have to set up to run as crons and more than likely you’d have to do it in several passes.

  • I see, well no it’s kinda messy there are no classes just plain text it would be very complicated and unreliable. Time to sit and suck it up for a while. Cheers!

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