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populate repeater from csv file

  • Hi, I’m using ACF to set up a Medicinal Plants site the field group contains the botanical information for each plant and a repeater field for each ailment treated by the plant, the repeater field contains an ailment description, and how the plant is used to prepare and administer treatment and other sub repeater fields for symptoms, possible interpretations etc. All the medicinal plant details are contained in several csv files, which contain plant and ailment ids where necessary.
    My plan is to use WP All Import with the ACF Add-on to import the csv file and create a custom post for each plant containing the plant names, family and botanical info, and then to programmatically import the csv file which contains one record for each ailment treated by the plant, and populate the repeater field with the ailment details and also import and populate the sub-repeater fields from their csv files.
    My PHP coding skills are a little weak, so I’d really appreciate any snippets or pointers on how to: Read the csv file, locate the correct plant custom post (that was created with WP All Import) and populate the repeater and sub-repeater from the csv files.
    Thanks for any help

  • The best option for getting help with this question would be get help from support over at WP All Import It might be possible to do what you want to do using only that that plugin with the ACF addon. I’ve used the plugin in the past and it does import to repeater fields.

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