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Populate CPT fields from Select

  • I have a Select field that queries WP users and then returns the user ID.

    I’d like to populate other custom fields for this user in the back end,from the user’s existing data fields.

    So using the fields in the screenshot:

    Practitioner3 Member No. is populated using a Select field in the back end that is linked to WP users.

    The other 3 fields are then populated with the related field data from the selected user’s record.

    I have no idea where to start. If anyone would be link enough to link to a tutorial or help docs (My search came up blank) I would be very grateful.

  • Not enough information may be the reason for no reply. You need to supply more detail. Where are you getting the user ID? What do you mean by populate other fields? Where do they need to be populated?

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