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Polylang and Relation Field

  • Hi
    I installed Polylang and everyhting is ok, i can use every field for every translated page but the relation field has stopped working, it always return an empty array.

    The fun thing is on my local environment everything works ok.
    The server works on Azure with project nami ( under the belt (i know it’s a very poor choiche but that was not my choice).

    Is there something i can try ?

  • Hi @mountainthemes

    Does this issue happen to fields created before or after the installation of the Polylang plugin?

    I would recommend that you open a support ticket at [email protected] with some temp credentials to your site so that we can help in diagnosing this.

  • No problem, i succeed to persuaded the IT to use a LAMP setup and everything works fine now.

  • @luglio7

    What was the issue?
    I do have the same difficulties

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