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Polylang and Custom Fields

  • Hello,

    I’m using WP 3.8.1, ACF 4.3.5 and Polylang 1.4.2 for our multilanguage site.

    I’ve created custom fields that are linked to page templates and when i fill the custom fields, their values are shared across all langues of the page / template. So when i edit EN version, it overrides the DE version and so on..


    Additional WYSYWIG editor field for Homepage template shares values across all language versions of Homepage

    I’m pretty new to WP and php and probably just doing something wrong.

    My question is – is it possible to have one custom field for a page template edit this field for different laguages or do i have to create individual templates and fields for different languages?

    Thanks a lot!

  • Looks like the issue was with Polylang Settings. I had Custom Fields synchronization turned on.. After turning the synch off it look like the problem was solved..

  • Thank you for sharing – It is important to turn off “Custom fields” setting in PolyLang

  • OK, almost everything works. But how i can sync gallery field and subfields in repeater?

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