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Plugin Update to 4.2.2 wiped out Location Points

  • Hello,
    My site is This is a question about upgrading properly.

    I updated to the recent 4.2.2 ACF too quickly, without reading the fine print. Yeah, I know…

    I had a custom post type with an ACF running among other things, the Location Field ADD on with Google Maps. So, about 100 of my posts HAD a map with a location pin pointed. Now, they have a map, but the locations are no longer pinpointed. I am not sure of proper course: backup to a previous restore point, or is there some other plugin update step I can take to “bring back” all the location points.

    I did not understand the instructions on the update page all that well. I am not a programmer, this was set up by someone who is no longer available.

    In any case, I updated, it went awry, and now I have a choice: restore point from a few days back, then figure out how to make your update work with my site somehow.

    OR; maybe there’s one more update step for this add-on I can take that will restore all the points that I previously created.

    Thanks for any advice you can give


  • Hi @lkamms

    Can you provide some more info about the issue?

    You say you updated, what version did you update from?
    Also, you say that the map is no longer pin pointed. What do you mean by this? Is the map still visible in the backend?

    Most likely, you have updated from a v3 to a v4 which means the user made field types (location field) don’t work any more.

    Perhaps all you need to do is remove the current location field plugin, and download a v4 compatible location field plugin,.

    Rest assured your data still remains, just don’t go editing / saving posts. You will loose data if you do that.

    If you need help doing this and you are not confident with ftp. I highly suggest that you post the job on a freelance board and get a confident web developer to help you out.

    Your other option is to roll back. Most servers have a ‘roll-back’ service, but you will need to contact your host about this

    Good luck!

  • Hi Elliot, I updated from v3.5.1 to v4 most recent version. I also run the ACF Location Field Add on.

    To overcome the issue, I rolled back. But now, I have to update properly and move forward. You suggest “remove the current location field plugin, and download a v4 compatible location field plugin”

    And when you say data still remains does that mean that even though I delete the older ACF location field plugin, the database has stored the GPS coordinates of each location I pinned? That’d be great.

    But what about editing/saving posts? Do you mean only edit/save this before or after you’re done with the plugin updates?

    Thanks for your support.

  • Hi @lkamms

    removing the location field plugin, or even ACF for that matter will not touch the data stored in your database. No data will be edited or removed. You can uninstall and reinstall plugins all day without affecting data.

    My warning about editing posts was that if you uninstall the location field, then edit a page where the location field was meant to be, then save that page, you may lose the location field data because it is not being posted / saved correctly (without the location plugin activated).

    Jump on google and search for ‘acf location field’. Better yet, check out the links in the add-ons page. You will find a github repo for the location field which works in ACF v4.


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