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Plugin Conflict: Accordion Shortcode And Widget

  • I found that there is huge conflict with the ACF when Accordion Shortcode And Widget plugin is active. If both plugins are active I can’t create new fields within a field group. I can go through the process of creating the new field but then when I save/update the field group those new fields are gone and don’t display on the page where the field group is called. They also don’t show in the field group editor. If I de-activate the plugin and then create my new fields and save and then re-active the plugin the fields show and work, at least I’ve figured out a work around for now. I even increased my max input vars to 3000 thinking maybe the inputs were too many for the server settings. That wasn’t it. I have 43 fields in one field group right now.

  • I can do some testing to see if I can find anything. Just want to make sure I’m testing the right thing. Is this the plugin?

    And are you using ACF4 or ACF5?

  • That is the correct plugin.

    Using ACF with WP 4.4.2

    Thanks for looking into the bug.

  • I have some bad news for you, there’s something else going on besides just the two plugins. I installed the other plugin on a test site, same version of everything and 2015 theme and there doesn’t seem to be any problem. You’re either looking for a 3rd plugin or something in your theme.

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