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Plugin completely broken after Update to 5.1.9

  • Hi,
    the plugin used to work like a charm, but after the last update, everything is messed up. The german language strings seem to be broken, words are cut off randomly. But even more important: The Date field and the file field do not work anymore, there is a german error message saying “r r: Feld-Typ existiert nicht!”.

    I tried to download the newest version from here and replaced all files on my server, but no luck. After that, I deleted the and acf-de_DE.po from the lang folder, and bingo, the plugin works again as expected.

    So there must be an error with the last german language files somehow. Any chance to get this fixed?

  • Bad luck, there must be another error somehow, look at the attached Screenshot. I deactivated all other plugins except ACF Pro, so there is no other plugin involved.

    Howewer, there is no JS Error showing up in Firebug.

  • yes i can confirm that! plugin completely unusable now. several errors occur
    hotfix please!

    now i took old lang files in latest acf version to fix that

  • Same for Dutch language, most strings are broken in the Admin

  • i can confirm that is corrupt.
    after recreating it from the acf-de_DE.po file it looks normal again. (po file from 5.1.9)

    New added functions by 5.1.9 are not translated inside po file from 5.1.9 (but at least backend is re-usable)

  • Thanks @ mediawerk, that solves the german language problem. But: Does anybody have the same issue in the admin like in my Screenshot?

  • which issue sixty? i am german too

  • Please have look at the attached screenshot a few messages before. I can not use the admin screen of the fields propperly.

  • i think i dont have that problem. try to take a look with firebug to see whats going on under the hood?!

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  • I can confirm the language/string problem. I’m using a German WordPress installation and right after the ACF PRO update almost all strings are broken.

  • Same problem here with a german wp installation. I deleted the and acf-de_DE.po but and now the strings are ok in english. but now the field groups are not shown in backend – only the wp content editor. any idea how to fix that??

  • Hello,
    my choosen datepicker (FIELD TYPE) is not selected anymore, but seems to work. And German language is destroyed, too.

  • Polish language is also broken.
    What a huge issue.
    Hope to hotfix this problem.

  • Mine is broken too. English language. Front end still shows all content but back end does not display fields. How can I roll back to older version? It was working fine until the update nut now it’s impossible to continue working on my site. I have a deadline to meet so need to get fixed ASAP. I raised a ticket almost 24 hours ago but heard nothing back so far. Now I read the forum and it’s obvious why. I need to rollback a version. Can anyone help please?

  • there is a update that looks like it fix the Problem.
    what i had also to do was: at Content, top at options that manage what is visible or not.
    i had to re-tick the check-box with the acf-fieldgroup name, after that fieldgroups reappear.

  • The update did not fix my issue.

  • @MattRobinson
    your problem is that fields are gone for edit content?
    at top right inside options there were you manage what is visible or not,
    is the checkbox with acf-fieldgroup-name ticked or not?

  • update fixed the broken strings for me (Dutch language).
    Thanks for the quick update.
    Plugin works fine again now.

  • Yes this fixed the problem. Thanks. I have over 500 pages that I have to repeat this task for. Anyway, I’m happy! Thanks again. 🙂

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