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Plugin causes taxonomy boxes to dissapear

  • Hello, i am experiencing a rather strange behavior caused by the plugin (PRO). When i activate it and i go to the post or custom post form, selecting a custom taxonomy or a taxonomy term by checking the check box causes the checkbox of the category tax in the “show on screen” to uncheck it and hide it. For example in my case i have renamed the categories to topics. I also added a custom tax called countries. When i go and select a new topic to add to the post or a country, when i check the checkbox, the box showing the topics is hiding. When i go to show in screen i see that the checkbox is unchecked.
    This only happens with ACF PRO enabled, i did a lot of testing to find this.Any ideas? I also see that if i disable javascript the effect does not occur any more. As i said i have renamed the categories taxonomy to topics.


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