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Please help me I\'m beginner

  • Hello everyone

    I am completely beginner and myself know very little coding .

    I need ACF but I can not see but do customizations on my website. in which cases it should incorporate php codes? I know it has been treated , but still pro to pro and I do not understand. especially on some sites we are told in other fonctions.php in page.pho pui in single.php … well I am lost. Also in the export of acf we ​​are given a php code to put in fonctions.php but it changes nothing …. I would like to know if someone could explain to me how clear and comprehensible language how very very beginner do all that .

    A great big thank you to all of you


  • ACF is a tool that helps developers build the admin forms that are needed for adding and managing custom fields in WP.

    ACF does not do anything or add anything to the front end of a site.

    ACF requires a strong familiarity with how to build WP theme templates and how to modify those templates. It may seem confusing to someone that does not understand template coding, but it should not be to someone that’s familiar with them. If you don’t understand how to code php and WP template files then ACF may not be the solution that you’re looking for.

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