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Please add a specific class or id to "Save Options" button

  • Hi Elliot,

    Please minor help for my plugin better performance! Please add default WordPress “button-primary” class to the Options Page main “Save Options” button or any unique id. All your buttons have class “acf-button”, it’s great, but my plugin is intended to copy exactly one main “publish” button to the top toolbar in order to save user from excessive scrolling during the saving process and Options Page is often a page with a lot of content to scroll.

    Not urgent at all, but I will be really grateful!

  • Hi @wpUXsolutions

    Thanks for the request, but I can’t make these kinds of changes to satisfy a one off request.

    Thanks for understanding

  • I understand, it is so hard…

  • Hi @wpUXsolutions

    I think you miss-understand.

    The work required is not hard, it is a simple class change. The issue is then all the conflicts that will occue on 1% of the 1,000,000 downloaded and installed environments.

    The new class name could then be read accidentally by a jQuery event and break ACF functionality resulting in more support tickets.

    Thanks for understanding.

  • Hi Elliot,

    Thanks for explanation. It makes sense to me.

    Actually absence of a class is not a big deal for me personally, I have resolved this by using [type=”submit”].acf-button

    But please consider that:

    • Many plugins use class ‘button-primary’ (and other button classes) for their buttons successfully. For all I know, it’s not a common practice to use this class in jQuery to assign some functionality to the button.
    • WordPress itself uses this class (and some other for the same button) mostly for proper styling. For example, admin theme developers can use it to identify main “blue button” of the page and redesign it. If some plugin does not have a proper class its buttons should be designed separately. (ACF is a popular plugin, though, so developers can consider to create a solution especially for it like I did it.)
    • You can just add an ID like “acf-option-page” (it’s a single button per page even in case someone has a few Options Pages). I think it may be helpful for other plugin developers too.

    Anyway, thank you. I consider your plugin the best WordPress developers’ framework at the moment.

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