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Placing CPs on a world map. Where do I begin?

  • Hello,

    I am new to programming and I would appreciate a few pointers and tips in order for me to tackle the following:

    I have a certain custom post type, let’s call it “events” which have fields of Country, City, Category (let’s say Cat_A, Cat_B, Cat_C), and Date.

    What I am interested to do is to have them displayed on a world-wide map, and to automatically show only upcoming events (ideally, the user will select a time-range of what is being displayed). Furthermore, I would like for the user to be able to filter which events are being shown by “category” as well as by “country”.

    As far as for the custom post type and advanced custom fields, I am set up. I also know how to make queries (eg. I know how to get a list of only Cat_A events), but I don’t know how to have these CPTs displayed dynamically on a map.

    Another thing I am interested in, is to have the events grouped by country on the map, instead of exact coordinates. Perhaps once the user zooms in the country, then grouped by city or state.

    Any posts or examples that would help me in specific?

    thanks a lot

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