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PHP Import of Custom Fields

  • Hi,

    I’ve included the ACF plugin along with some addons via your documentation as well as done a PHP export and uploaded to the functions.php file of the theme.

    When I install the theme on a fresh WordPress install, all of the fields appear in their appropriate places (i.e. Posts, Pages, Theme Options) but if I go to Custom Fields > Custom Fields in the Dashboard, there is nothing located in here, and it says No Field Groups Found although they are displayed correctly throughout the site.

    Is it not supposed to also import all of the Custom Fields into this section as well or is that only accomplished via the XML export/import?

    Thanks for the help!

    Thank you.

  • The ACF Export Screen under the PHP section says:

    Registered field groups will not appear in the list of editable field groups.

    So I think you’ve got it right at the end – The fields are only editable via ACF if you do the XML export & import. (I’m with you though, I’d love to be able to just have it in the functions.php!)

  • Of course it’s written right there. I completely overlooked it! But thanks for the followup!

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