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php export – relationship field timeout

  • hi there,

    I’ve just done an << export of my php code and insert into my functions.php >> for the first time. So I’ve done an export of code from my local box and put the code into my child theme on my staging box.

    On staging the fields are all coming through nicely, except the Relationship field. I’m using that field type in two places. The values that were previously set are showing in the righ hand column. But in the left hand column I just get the spinning wheel. No data appears.

    I’ve disabled the filters I’ve had on these filters and the result is the same.

    The code base I’m using on local is the latest commits from Git (I downloaded the entire package today). The Relationship f ields are working fine on local.

    Whether I use the ACF 4.3.0 (as downloaded from or the build I downloaded today from Git, the fields in staging just time out.

    My production box is identical to staging (I did a one-click create staging from production about 1 hour ago [bless you wpengine]). Production is on the latest stable build.

    Finally, its worth mentioning the fields on production were created manually. My local is a copy of production from a few days ago.

    After I built staging from production, I deleted the fields through the ui (and moved them to trash) and then recreated then by putting the PHP code in my functions.php directory of my child theme.

    So, to summarise. Relationship fields all fine on Production. All fine on local. But broken on Staging (which is the only site where the fields were created via exported php code rather than the ui)

    sorry – a lot of detail but I wanted to give you the full background.

    Your guidance would be much appreciated.


  • Hi @charlie

    Thanks for all the detail. Lets start with the endless spinning icon.

    This tells us that the AJAX data is not being returned correctly from the relationship field.

    Can you please open up your console log and reload the page. Do you see any JS errors?

    Next, open up the response from the AJAX call. Are there any errors in the returned data?


  • Thank @elliot.

    Javascript errors; the good news is there is a js error that gives us something to go by. see attached.

    The bad news is I’m afraid I’ve wasted your time. I had a echo “hello” for debugging purposes just before the register fields code and that seems to be the culprit. Taking that line out fixes the issue!

    thanks anyway

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