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PHP, explode() and field()

  • Hi,

    Well, I’m attempting to solve a problem meself, but unfortunally, it doesn’t work!

    I entered this string in field (ACF, back-end)

    I’d like to get this result in my page:
    ABC / DEF / GHI / JKL / MNO (separated by spaces between slashes, but no slash at the end of string)

    I’ve found something, but it seems bugged :

    $str = get_field(""MyField);
    $str = split("|",trim($str));
    for ($i = 0; $i < count($str); $i++) {
        if( eregi("".$str[$i]." / ",$str) ) { echo $str[$i]; }

    By advance, thank you for your precious help!



  • Assuming that you have the complete string Field : ABC|DEF|GHI|JKL|MNO:

    $data = explode( ':', get_field('MyField' );
    $parts = explode( '|', $data[1] );
    foreach($parts as $k=>$part){
        if($k && ($k < count($parts) ) ) echo ' / ';
        echo $part;

    … but if your field string is only ABC|DEF|GHI|JKL|MNO, you can leave out the first explode step:

    $parts = explode( '|', get_field('MyField' );
    foreach($parts as $k=>$part){
        if($k && ($k < count($parts) ) ) echo ' / ';
        echo $part;
  • Thank you very much! it rolls!

  • Haha right on. Cheers!

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