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php def true / false

  • Would be great if you could add how the field type of true / false fields is written to the docs page.

    greets from vienna

  • What don’t you understand what is explained on this page ?

    This setting stores a 1/true or 0/false ?

    What other info are you looking for ?

  • Hi Bee,
    I do know how the field works. What i meant was on this page it would be nice to have, the field type and how its written in the php code

    array('type' => "true_false")

    as a reference for developing. Most of the other field types are quite self explanatory, but this one, you can write it several ways…. 😉

    Greets Gerhard

  • AAAAH you mean what the type identifier is… for in filters and so.. but you already found out 🙂

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