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Permissions Error on Export Page

  • Hi There,

    I have been working on numerous plugins for the last while. It’s been a bit since I’ve needed to do an export but I am getting an error “You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page.” when trying to access the exporter.

    I’ve disabled lite view for everything and still nothing.

    Hope someone can help!

  • It sounds to me like some other method of disabling the export has been used. I’ve tried doing some searches on how this can be done, but without luck. Somehow user permissions/capabilities are being altered.

    I’d figure out what plugin is causing the issue by deactivating them till in clears and then go from there to see if I can figure out what it’s doing.

  • I figured it out. I actually re-included the ACF in my plugin menu temporarily so that i can access it when it is disabled when other’s are using define(“ACF_LITE”,true) in their plugins. When you have this paradox, you can’t open ACF menu unless you do this, but while doing this you cannot access the export.
    So, to make it work, you need find all of the those acf_lite and set them to false then I had to disable myown menu call to it. or just know the url to it.

    //add_submenu_page($top_menu_item, '', 'ACF', 'manage_options', 'edit.php?post_type=acf');

    FYI, this doesn’t work for disabling the ACF menu view:
    add_filter('acf/settings/show_admin', '__return_false');

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