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Performance of ACF in premium themes

  • Hello, I am really impressed with ACF Pro and would love to build a theme that uses the Flexible content field to build pages (or at least use it as an option). My issue with themes that are actually doing really well seem to be overly bloated (that’s an understatement) and have serious performance implications. I want to make a theme that loads fast. If I were to include a theme builder with these content blocks build through ACF’s Flexible Content would that slow down a site significantly?

    Are there any best practices to improver performance if there are any associated (transients come to mind here)

  • Hi @protechig

    ACF is used on over 2.5 million WP websites, so I can say with confidence that the plugin does not slow down your website much at all.

    The best thing you can do is download the plugin and start using it and make up your own mind.


  • This plugin slows down sites considerably, just see

    Why say it doesn’t Elliot?

    Seems that there is also no solution available either…

  • I’ve seen ACF slow down the admin of a site with complex field groups. However, let’s face it, if you do anything complex in the admin you’re going to slow it down, at least that’s my experience, and I’m don’t get overly concerned about the admin. I’m more concerned about the front end.

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