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Performance benefit using Group over multiple calls to single fields?

  • I’m using flexible content to create a page builder, and designing each block as a component. Some blocks have a lot of options and I’m just wondering if something like this:

    $id = get_sub_field(‘id’);
    $class = get_sub_field(‘class’);
    $minHeight = get_sub_field(‘min_height’);
    $height = get_sub_field(‘full_height’);
    $mobile = get_sub_field(‘mobile’);
    $media = get_sub_field(‘media’);
    $content = get_sub_field(‘content’);
    $cta = get_sub_field(‘cta’);
    $buttonType = get_sub_field(‘button_type’);
    $link = get_sub_field(‘link’);
    $scrollIcon = get_sub_field(‘scroll_icon’);
    $anchor = get_sub_field(‘anchor’);

    …at the top of each component is going to be noticeably slower than, say:

    $blockGroup = get_sub_field('block_group');

    …and then accessing each value like:


    The bottom line is a group created yet another nest inside the flexible row, and just not as neat as having the fields loose in there. Thoughts welcome.

  • There shouldn’t be any noticeable performance change.

    When a post is set up all of it’s meta data should be in the cache and only PHP is used to get the values from the cache.

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