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Paypal with ACF Pro

  • Hi
    I was wondering if ACF Pro has a paypal payment addon. I have stopped using Gravity Forms and i think ACF Pro might be a good help, but i want to take payments when a user submits a custom post using the ACF form.

    Do you have an addon for this. I came across a plugin , but I read in forum it is only for Free version of ACF only.

    Plz inform me ASAP so i can decide if i should purchase pro license.


  • I’ve never seen that before. There is not other add on like this as far as I know. I think you’re only hope would be if the developer of that add on upadted the plugin. It hasn’t been updated in over 2 years so at this point I’d say that the dev has abandoned it. I did find this link in the support forum, and it looks like it’s been updated to work with ACF5, but that was a year ago and it looks like it might have issues. You could try it, carefully. Or if you know any developers that are familiar with coding for paypal….

  • Did you ever get this sorted; am looking at the same thing. I want to use ACF instead of GF if possible.


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