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Password reuse error when updating user profile

  • Hi there,
    I am managing a site which uses ACF heavily for all sorts of added functionality. The User profile has a lot of fields added, but one of them has started being a problem. It’s a select field, nothing special, but other selects are visible based on the selection in this one.

    When anyone updates a user profile after changing the select the following error appears at the top of the page:

    ERROR: The password you have chosen appears to have been used before. You must choose a new password.

    The password button hasn’t been pressed, and if you update any other field it works fine. What could be causing this? Where do I need to start looking, as I didn’t create this site, I have been tasked with maintaining it.


  • My first guess is that there is a meta_key conflict (acf field name) with the plugin you are using that requires a password not be reused.

  • Hi John,

    I wasn’t aware that I was using a plugin requiring the password not to be reused, but I will double check.


  • It looks like iThemes Security Pro is the culprit, but I can’t see why it’s happening, so will talk to them to see what is going on.

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