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Password protect output of ACF fields

  • Hi to all,
    I just was wondering what happend when i set a page to ‘password protected’ in the WordPress backend: the actual content was hidden behind some “Enter your password” – message, BUT all the custom fields i placed into this side were well visible to everyone. Is that intended?
    Does someone out there has any idea on how to change that, so that a password protected page also hides the AFC output.
    I am clueless so any hint or help would be very much apreciated.

    best regards

  • Please read this page on the WP Codex. ACF functions as custom fields behave by default in WP. If you want to password protect the custom field data then this is something you need to check for and manage.

  • Hi John, thank you.
    That was the right hint.

    Once again: Thanks for your time and help

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