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Passing ACF Values into HTML

  • Hello, I am trying to pass an ACF field value into another plugin’s shortcode. Essentially trying to place a shortcode within a shortcode. See the code below:

    [mbhi_ifopen location=”[acf field="city" post_id="34"] – Pharmacy”]

    <div class=”dropdown”>

    [mbhi_ifclosed location=”[acf field="city" post_id="34"] – Pharmacy”]

    I am unable to successfully do this. And insights or thoughts would be much appreciated!

  • You cannot use a shortcode as an attribute of another shortcode, for that matter you cannot use a shortcode as an attribute value of anything. This is built into WP and has nothing to do with either plugin.

    The only way to do this is by building a PHP filter for the shortcode of the other plugin if the other plugin is build sho that the attiutes are filterablevia this hook shortcode_atts_{$shortcode}.

    This works only if the other plugin’s shortcode calls shortcode_atts() and passes the shortcode name in the call (optional 3rd argument). I have not looked at the code of the other plugin to see if this is the case.

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