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Paid Support Ideas

  • In light of some of the comments made here due to lack of support of a great product, I would like to encourage people to think…Think…THINK…to help make this product even better.

    Clearly, the problem is that people are too busy to help one another out and Elliot, the brains behind ACF, should spend all of his time fixing bugs and keeping ACF rock solid, rather than diluting his focus on support…even though this is vital.

    So let’s crowd source ideas, so that Elliot can find ways to pay people to help him with support or…among ourselves, lets find ways to pay each other for support.

    Idea Number One:

    • Those who buy ACF Pro, automatically are given a free ACF piggy bank. This encourages a kickback and for people to get more involved.
    • ACF Pros have their different levels of guruness. Those who are Experts can then start earning money from the questions they answer.
    • When someone asks a question, the question can either be answered by the community, upping their Guru level or there is a “Pay An Expert” button that that helps the user.
    • If someone chooses to pay for that answer (because the ACF plugin has saved them millions of hours) the money goes into the piggy bank holder.
    • Once the piggy bank reaches say $100, the money pays out to the owner of that piggy bank.
    • All of the money accumulated (until payout point of $100) in the ACF account, accrues interest which is then used to pay towards implementations of ideas like this into the ACF website?
    • Elaborate on this. Share the pros and cons of why this can or cannot work or make a better suggestion and lets help Elliot and team keep ACF super awesome!


  • Hi @sixfootjames

    Thank you for the excellent suggestion.

    This can be able to work but we are now rolling out the help of the Email support stuff on the forum to help solve topics here on the forum so that Elliot can concentrate on fixing the bugs and maintaining ACF.

    I will however pitch this idea to Elliot and maybe your idea can be implemented in future.

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