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Pages vs Custom posts for hundreds of products

  • I need to make a call on how to manage hundreds of products. Ideally all the products could be pages but that would add a ton of pages under parent pages making it difficult for the end user to go through all the pages.

    Is there a better way to manage custom product posts?

    This is the structure it would follow:

    > Product Type 1
    > Product1
    > Product2
    > Product3
    > Product4
    > Product5
    > Product6
    > Product7
    > Product8
    > Product9
    > Product10
    > Product1…..and so on.

    > Product Type 2
    > Product11
    > Product21
    > Product31
    > Product41
    > Product51
    > Product61
    > Product71
    > Product81
    > Product91
    > Product101
    > Product111…..and so on.

    As you can see this is going to get very dirty very quickly when there is 500 products to deal with.

    I have already done this both ways but now I need to know how to associate the custom posts to the parent pages please.

  • This in my opinion should be done with Custom Post Types – and then assign a taxonomy with that (which could be product type?) – then you can style the taxonomy archive page however you like. So you’d have all of your products displayed on your archive-custom_post_type_name_here.php and then your Product Type (taxonomy) archive as taxonomy-taxonomy_name_aka_producttype.php

    You can use a generator to create the code for Custom Post types and taxonomys here :

    So overall you’d have a Products as a Custom Post Type and then Product Types as a taxonomy (this works like categories).

    Then you can add your custom fields to the Custom Post Type and display them as single-custom_post_type_name_here.php

    Hope that makes some sense!

  • Hi @sixfootjames

    I couldn’t have said it better myself, @Jamie – great advice!


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