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Pages ignoring ACF order.

  • I have a field set as 0 and another as 1 and the page is listing 1 above 0 on the page. Happens with and without Gutenberg activated.

  • There’s not enough information there to know what you’re trying to do or why it’s not working.

  • Just posted to let the ACF team know. Sorry I don’t have more info than that. Already tried deactivating all my plugins. Up to date WP and everything else.

  • I am not trying to do anything in particular, just want the fields to appear based in order number (0,1,2, Etc) as they always have.

  • Do you mean you want the field groups to follow that order when you’re editing a post?

    Here’s the thing with WP. Once you look at the edit post page and save a post WP remembers the order the field groups were in. The next time you edit that type of post WP will put them in the same order. Once this happens, changing the order or the display in ACF will have no effect. This is a problem with WP, not ACF.

  • Didn’t even realize you could reorder them on the page! Thanks and my apologies.

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