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Pages and Posts won't update

  • Hi,

    I have a problem using your Plug-In.
    After I make changes in any Post or Page and hit the Update Button, the page is loading and tries to refresh itself, but nothing happens.
    The changes will publish, but the site doesn’t refresh and it doesn’t say Page updated.
    I have to close the site and open it again, to make other changes.

    I’m using ACF with Avada.
    After deactivating the plug-in everything works without any problems.
    I can’t install a earlier version, because the plug-in comes with avada.

    Is there any solution or can you help me out with a earlier verion?
    After updating wordpress the problems came up.

    Best regards

  • The first thing you need to find out is what is causing the issue. It is Avada? or is it another plugin? Or is it another plugin? This is not an issue with ACF, at least not when installed on a standard WP theme with no other plugins running, so you’ll need to narrow down where the incompatibility is first.

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