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Page Link not displaying all custom post types

  • Hello,

    I have a problem with the Page Link field and filters : it doesn’t display every Custom Post Type.

    • WordPress version : 4.9.1
    • Advanced Custom Fields PRO version : 5.6.7

    I desactivate a lot of plugins and just keep Polylang, iThemes Security and Yoast SEO.

    All my CTP (custom post type) are created using register_post_type() function (no plugin). There is no significant difference between each CTPs, only name and slug changes.

    So I started to do some tests :

    1. I have a Page Link field with no filter
      It displays Page, Posts, Media and one of my CTP called CTA.
    2. Now I filter some CTP:
 Service, Tarifs, Popin, CTA

      It only displays CTA custom post type.

    3. I remove CTA so my filter looks like: Service, Tarifs, Popin

      It works, it displays Service, Tarifs, Popin

    4. Now I add Page and Posts to the filter so it looks like: Service, Tarifs, Popin, Page, Post

      it displays Page, Post but none of my CTP.

    I don’t how to solve this problem :
    – do you know which file ACF uses to display the Page Link dropdown ?
    – is there a way to modify the behavior without modifying the plugin (I do update frequently) ?

    Thanks for your help,


  • I ended up with desactivating Polylang, iThemes Security and Yoast SEO and Polylang was the guilty one.

    I continue my investigation.

  • I can’t update the page link acf, I’ve tried to disable the yoast plugin and no luck as well.

  • I can confirm @hash ‘s findings that Polylang (Pro) was the guilty one causing this bug. ACF Pro 5.9.5 / Polylang Pro 3.0.3

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