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Page Link for Woocommerce Product Categories

  • I am using WooCommerce and latest ACF and have some product categories for items, e.g. shirts, shorts, tops etc.

    For the homepage, I want to select a number of them categories for links however when I try and select the product categories in the back-end they don’t appear.

    I can choose pages, media, custom posts etc but not that so is it possible?

    Thanks in advance.

  • Instead of using the “Page Link” Field Type, use the “Taxonomy” Field Type instead, and select “product_cat” as the Taxonomy.

    If you get the taxonomy by Term ID (rather than as Term Object) you’d need to output your link on the page like this:

    <?php echo get_term_link( get_field( ‘featured_page_link’ ) ); ?>

    The only issue with this method is if you’re using it in a Repeater, you can’t mix links to product categories with links to pages/posts.

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