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Page Link and/or Repeater Field appears to be Hiccuping under ACF 4.3.3

  • During development today, I saw that a new version of ACF was available (ACF 4.3.3) and I updated our development environment. All seemed well until I viewed our pre-existing “Repeater” field that houses a simple “Page Link” (that connects to a Custom Post type called ‘Videos’). This whole Repeater field is hidden behind a conditional “Select” field. Oh…and we’re running WP 3.8.

    So….the short of it is that this all works great in 4.3.2, but doesn’t in 4.3.3. Interestingly, under 4.3.3, things do appear work if “Page Link” is switched to use “Relationship” instead.

    We also have similar code running on an “Options” page that doesn’t sit behind a conditional and it too appears broken (the “Page Link” Repeater).

    I’m sorry that I don’t have the chance to dig deeper into what might be creating the issue but thought I should mention what I noticed going on.

    Thank you for the wonderful plugin…it is a game-changer when building custom WordPress sites.

  • Hi Elliot, I too am facing the same issue as @rpetersnmt, not only that but when I use relationship, as opposed to page link, I get the word: ‘array’ instead of the page slug output in the URL I am updating.

  • I also noticed that if I choose ALL as the type of post to be available from the page link select field; all the images and posts appear in the drop down but no pages. This is obviously connected to why the pages aren’t appearing in the select fields when page link is the choice.

    The output word: ‘array’ is apparent when using page link also.

  • Also having this issue with Post Objects. Doesn’t load the list outside of or within a repeater.

    When selecting ‘All’, the drop down includes all non-hierarchical post types (Posts, Media and my non-hierarchical custom post types) but pages and hierarchical post types aren’t listed.

  • I’m having the same issue with straight page links. Client sites are broken. πŸ™

  • Just wanted to throw my hat into the ring as having the same experience – Pages are not showing on any Relational field. Holding my breath that old clients won’t update their plugins before this is fixed…

  • Elliot….thanks again for your diligent bug-fixing. Everything appears to be working great on my end after the “hotfix” and then the following 4.3.4 update. Cheers!

  • Thanks Elliot, I just backdated the plugin as a temp measure and have now updated.

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