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Page Header Based on Date

  • Hey Everyone,
    New to ACF and and strongly considering buying but I want to make sure I am in the right place first!
    I am building a website for my food truck. We have daily specials and come up with these specials a week or two in advance. I would like to do two things.
    1.) On the front page of the website in the hero section I want to create a box that updates based on the daily meal special for the day. (there will only be one per day)
    2.) On the daily special page I want to be able to show all the specials for that week in a list view

    I have done a decent amount of research and it has lead me to ACF. Am I correct in thinking this is possible? If so, what would be my process for building this?


  • There would be a lot of moving parts here and I cannot go into all of them in detail here. ACF would only be part of the solution. First I would probably create a Custom Post Type (CPT) to hold the specials. I would use ACF fields to allow entering information on the specials. There are several ways that these could be shown. I would then use the archive page template for the CPT to show the upcoming specials. This is just a broad overview, like I said, there would be a lot of details that would depend on what is actually needed, most of which is not ACF specific.

  • Thanks John! This is just what I was looking for. I am not a complete beginner, I have just been focused on static websites vs generating dynamic content! So my thought was to create a CPT with Date, Main, and Side, and then drop a while have posts loop into my second page and have an if statement that would somehow tell it to only show this weeks specials (still trying to figure that part out). Similarly, on the front page I was going to do a similar thing and have it loop through all posts and if the date matched today’s date then it would show that post.
    I know I will probably run into a few issues with it but this is my initial thought. What I am most worried about is getting into this and then needing more software.

  • There are a lot of topics here that cover ordering or filtering posts by ACF date fields. The topic comes up often. But WP and ACF are all that you need. For this you don’t even need the Pro version and the free version will likely work since I don’t see any reason for using repeaters, unless I’ve missed something.

  • I like supporting the software I use! Will definitely be buying pro even if just for the support!

    Appreciate it

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