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Page full of ACF – how to convert fileds to CPT?

  • I have a page full of ACF sections containing fields (mixed text, images, repeaters etc) and need to convert individual sections to CPTs.

    Each section might contain –
    – Text
    – Image
    – Repeater
    — image
    — text
    – Date

    Does anyone have a good solution for taking each of these sections and converting them to posts in a CPT?

    CPT = Books
    – Section 1
    — text, images, repeaters …

    – Section 2
    — text, images, repeaters …

    – Section 3
    — text, images, repeaters …

  • There isn’t any easy way to do this except to create your CPT with the fields and then manually re-enter all of the data into the posts.

    Or there might be, but it would be a large one use application. Depending on how many you have to separate it might take longer to build the application than it would take to copy and paste the content.

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