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Outputting repeatable content from a widget

  • I’ve created a Field group called ‘Team Members’ and set the field type as repeatable with three sub fields; Image, Position and Name.

    The rule for this group is to show within a custom widget I’ve created. When I drag the widget in the Appearance > Widgets area of WordPress I can see it is indeed there and can add members / images to my widget.

    Where I’ve hit a brick wall is trying to output this data on the front end through my widget template.

    This is my code:

    <?php if( have_rows(‘team_members’) ): ?>

    <ul class=”slides”>

    <?php while( have_rows(‘team_members’) ): the_row();

    // vars
    $image = get_sub_field(‘image’);
    $content = get_sub_field(‘name’);
    $link = get_sub_field(‘position’);


    <li class=”slide”>

    <?php if( $link ): ?>
    <?php endif; ?>

    ” alt=”<?php echo $image[‘alt’] ?>” />

    <?php if( $link ): ?>

    <?php endif; ?>

    <?php echo $content; ?>

    <?php endwhile; ?>

    <?php endif; ?>

    Where am I going wrong?

  • Can’t really read you code. You should use the code tag at the top of the editor when posting code.

    Have you read this document on getting values from a widget?

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