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Output Multiple Select Fields

  • Hi,

    I have created a few custom fields in a custom post for a membership site
    One of the fields that I created was “Select” field type with multiple values enabled.

    However, I am having difficulty for the values to be updated.
    Anyone have any idea what I do wrong??
    here is my code:
    $tutor_qualifications = get_field(‘tutor_qualifications’,$candidate_id);

    <label><?php esc_html_e(‘Qualifications’, ‘wp-jobsearch’) ?></label>
    <div class=”jobsearch-profile-select”>
    <label for=”QualificationsSelect” >
    <select name=”tutor_qualifications” id=”QualificationsSelect” class=”selectize-select” placeholder=”<?php esc_html_e(‘Pls select your qualifications (you may select more than one)’, ‘wp-jobsearch’) ?>” multiple=”true” >

    <option <?php echo ($tutor_qualifications == ‘GCE_NLEVEL’ ? ‘selected=”selected”‘ : ”) ?> value=”GCE_NLEVEL”><?php esc_html_e(‘GCE N-LEVEL’, ‘wp-jobsearch’) ?></option>

    <option <?php echo ($tutor_qualifications == ‘GCE_OLEVEL’ ? ‘selected=”selected”‘ : ”) ?> value=”GCE_OLEVEL”><?php esc_html_e(‘GCE O-LEVEL’, ‘wp-jobsearch’) ?></option>

    <option <?php echo ($tutor_qualifications == ‘GCE_ALEVEL’ ? ‘selected=”selected”‘ : ”) ?> value=”GCE_ALEVEL”><?php esc_html_e(‘GCE A-LEVEL’, ‘wp-jobsearch’) ?></option>

    <option <?php echo ($tutor_qualifications == ‘IP_IB’ ? ‘selected=”selected”‘ : ”) ?> value=”IP_IB”><?php esc_html_e(‘IP/IB’, ‘wp-jobsearch’) ?></option>

    <option <?php echo ($tutor_qualifications == ‘NITEC’ ? ‘selected=”selected”‘ : ”) ?> value=”NITEC”><?php esc_html_e(‘NITEC’, ‘wp-jobsearch’) ?></option>

    <option <?php echo ($tutor_qualifications == ‘Higher_NITEC’ ? ‘selected=”selected”‘ : ”) ?> value=”Higher_NITEC”><?php esc_html_e(‘Higher NITEC’, ‘wp-jobsearch’) ?></option>

    <option <?php echo ($tutor_qualifications == ‘Diploma’ ? ‘selected=”selected”‘ : ”) ?> value=”Diploma”><?php esc_html_e(‘Diploma’, ‘wp-jobsearch’) ?></option>

    <option <?php echo ($tutor_qualifications == ‘Advanced_Diploma’ ? ‘selected=”selected”‘ : ”) ?> value=”Advanced_Diploma”><?php esc_html_e(‘Advanced Diploma’, ‘wp-jobsearch’) ?></option>

    <option <?php echo ($tutor_qualifications == ‘Bachelors_Degree’ ? ‘selected=”selected”‘ : ”) ?> value=”Bachelors_Degree”><?php esc_html_e(‘Bachelor Degree’, ‘wp-jobsearch’) ?></option>

    <option <?php echo ($tutor_qualifications == ‘PGDE’ ? ‘selected=”selected”‘ : ”) ?> value=”PGDE”><?php esc_html_e(‘PGDE’, ‘wp-jobsearch’) ?></option>

    <option <?php echo ($tutor_qualifications == ‘Masters’ ? ‘selected=”selected”‘ : ”) ?> value=”Masters”><?php esc_html_e(‘Masters’, ‘wp-jobsearch’) ?></option>

    <option <?php echo ($tutor_qualifications == ‘PHD’ ? ‘selected=”selected”‘ : ”) ?> value=”PHD”><?php esc_html_e(‘PHD’, ‘wp-jobsearch’) ?></option>

    <option <?php echo ($tutor_qualifications == ‘Others’ ? ‘selected=”selected”‘ : ”) ?> value=”Others”><?php esc_html_e(‘Others’, ‘wp-jobsearch’) ?></option>


    —- Versions —-
    ACF v5.8.3
    WP v5.2.2

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