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Output fields themselves without post

  • Hello, could you tell me please, I have there is field in which there is list, as me to withdraw only this list. I do not mean in a particular post to bring the field to it, but in General to display a list of names.
    There is a field city, there is a list of cities, each post is attached one or more cities, and how to display the list of cities regardless of the post. Make a request to the page itself on which you created an arbitrary field and from there take the list.
    I apologize for my English.

  • Don’t really understand what you are trying to do, sorry.

    Are you trying to show the choices that are available when editing a post? For this you can use get_field_object()

    if you are trying to get the values that have been selected then you need to have a post ID to get the value of the field. You don’t need to get the post, but you do need the id of the post to get values from `get_field(‘some field name’, $post_id);

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