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Output Custom Fields to Sidebar

  • I have a custom post type for attorney profiles and I’d like to have a custom sidebar for each which is editable in the WP editor. How do I get certain custom fields to output to the sidebar? Each profile will have a unique sidebar. Is this an add-on feature or coding issue?

  • HI @buzzfly,

    Thanks for the question.

    You will only need to change the position of the custom field group via the field group edit page.

    Ideally there are three available options to chose from: Normal(after content), High(after title) and Side.

    I hope this info helps.

  • I’m looking for a solution to this, as well.

    When I change the position of the custom field group to Side (versus) Normal, the metabox moves from the main content area to the sidebar…but that doesn’t effect where the information is output on the front end.

    Like the original poster, I’m trying to get the information collected from the fields in the backend to show up in the sidebar of certain pages on the front end. But because I can’t use PHP or shortcodes in sidebars, I’m having trouble.

    Do you have any suggestions on how to get the information collected from the custom fields to output in sidebars on the frontend? (Preferably without requiring additional plugins…)

    Thank you in advance for the help!

    – Tamar

  • Hi @tamarwallace,

    Thanks a lot for reaching out to us.

    The position settings will only affect the backend view of the post meta fields.

    On the front end, you have to move the output code from you main display area to your sidebar template.

    Kindly note you may need to add the second parameter for the sidebar fields since this will be outside the Wp Loop.

    Hope this helps.

  • Hi James Can you please Help me out ? I just try to call my field value with Category ID but I cant see anything

  • Hi @munnoo93

    Please share a code snippet of how this looks so that I can help in debugging.

  • Install and activate Pro version of Advanced Custom Fields

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