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  • Hi I trying to use other page for flexible content basically i using flexible content as a sidebar on a site and wanted a fallback in case they haven’t added any content so it falls back to home page content

    so i want if has flexible content then use the page id unless use the home page id

    any ideas if this can be achieved i played about with some statements but returned nothing

    thanks matt

  • have you tried

    if (get_field('flex-field-name')) {
    page id
    } else {
    homepage ID

    that will check if there’s something in the flex field first off, and if there isn’t it’ll fall back to the homepage code

  • Yeah thanks worked a treat code is

    <? if (get_field('sidebar')):?>
    <?php $other_page = $post->ID;?>
    <?php else:?>
    	<?php $other_page = 5; ?>
    <?php endif;?>
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