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  • Can you improvise a droppable area fixed on the viewport, where we can drop a row?

    Currently, dragging a row 40 pages up or down (I have 44 rows, each taking almost the whole screen) takes me about two minutes each!!

    That’s not “drag & drop” anymore! That’s drag-watchthenews-takeacoffee-and-drop.

    or maybe an “order” field, so we can add a number where the row should go to?

    Your products make my medium programmer skills awesome every day! Thanks!

  • I deal with large field groups all the time and I’ve been there, but only when I realize that really need to do something a different way. With fields collapsed each field shouldn’t be taking up the entire screen.

    I can’t say that anything easier is coming but I will bring this to the attention of the developer.

    I have a couple of suggestions, don’t know if they’ll help.

    The first is to do a bit of planning. I’ve been known to spend several hours just planning how I’m going to build field groups that I know are going to be extremely large.

    If you’re creating new groups at the end and then dragging them to where you need them it’s much easier and faster to duplicate a field above where you want to put the new on and then alter it to suit you needs.


  • I tried to duplicate one, but then I can’t change the layout type.

    When there’s no field around of the same type, my only option is “add page”.

    Collapsing sounds like a good idea. Just put a “collapse all” button, and re-arranging should be few screen lengths easier 🙂

    Thanks John!

  • Hi @sergiozambrano

    Some ideas that I have are:

    1. Use the flexible content field. Each layout is collapsible.
    2. Checkout this repeater field collapse plugin made by the community!


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