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Order by Multiple Fields in Repeater

  • Hi,

    My setup for a repeater field group

    • Date (Date picker)
    • Stage (Text)
    • Artists (Relationship)

    What I would like to do is output everything, ordered by date initially and then by stage. So if I had 3 dates and 2 stages per date, the output would look similar to

    Date 1
    Stage 1 | Stage 2

    Date 2
    Stage 1 | Stage 2

    Date 3
    Stage 1 | Stage 2

    Obviously artists as well. I’ve seen links how to order by a single field but not by two.

    Any advice? Seen a lot of links and forum questions but none specific to my needs unless I’ve missed something?!? I don’t have a problem outputting everything, just not in the right order



  • Are you trying to order the posts according to the values in the repeater field or just the value of the repeater field values?

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