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Options Position stuck as "side"

  • I had recently set the options to “side” to see what it looked like, and while it makes could make sense for certain wp-admin layouts, for this specific post type, it would make more sense as normal.

    however when setting it back to normal, and clicking update. the option changes to normal, but the layout on the edit page, remains on the side.

    I have took a quick glance through the database if I could see any options, and I possibly saw 2, but don’t really want to make edits in the those specific cells.

    any ideas or known issues/bugs?


  • It sounds like you’re using a field group with the “No Metabox” style. If you temporarily change the field group to use the standard WordPress metabox, you can then drag it out of the sidebar. Once it’s in the normal position, you can change the metabox option back.

    I’ve experienced this many times – once you’ve loaded a page with a set of fields, the order and position of those fields is fixed, even if you try to change it in the ACF admin. You need to enable the metabox handles to drag and drop them into the order you want.

  • @Dalton XD that’s great! it works!.

    also. having the WP standard handles meaning I can drag/re-order etc is fantastic! are there any downsides to having the standard metabox?

  • I think it’s just a matter of taste. Sometimes removing the metabox looks cleaner, especially if you’re hiding most of the built-in WP metaboxes and creating a long list of fields. But you shouldn’t have any problem using them in either configuration.

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