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Options Page / WPML in pre-packed themes

  • I noticed a lot of literature on options page and WPML compatibility solutions involve making a copy of the field groups in new language in the Custom Fields Settings.
    However, if we are packing acf with the theme, that menu would be hidden from end users, thus the WPML solutions are useless.
    Do we currently have solutions for options page/WPML compatibility where those field group copies are automatically generally as new languages are setup?
    I would like to confirm this before upgrading to developer version.

  • I have a solution that can automate the copying of field groups to options pages, end keeps them up to date if the master field group is altered. It’s been a wile since I’ve worked on it, but I thing I remember building in hooks so that they number of copies and where they are duplicated to can be automated, or at least I was thinking about adding a filter. I’d have to take a look at it.

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