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Options Page + Update + Webhook

  • Hi,

    We have a repeater field on an options page and would like to PUT to a webhook when we save.

    The webhook will be received by integromat and a series of robots will take over the world.

    Any direction you could provide on the webhook would be much appreciated.

  • I figured out the hook, in fact, I am not sure why I bothered to post this question.

    That said, I can’t seem to learn a simple put request with ACF fields (json) in PHP.

    Has anyone used ACF with Webhooks before?

  • @spinmortgage were you able to figure out the webhooks? I’m looking at trying to do something similar.

  • 2018 is a long time ago 🙂 I found a WP plugin that sent a webhook when a page was saved. Then used Intergromat/Make to listen for hooks sent, then used a module to access the page and get the custom fields. Worked well.

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