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Options Page title, multiple plugins…

  • Hey there!

    I am hoping to use the ACF Options page extension to manage the options for a number of plugins I am working on… I was hoping to set the top level title of the options page to something distinctive, not “Options”.

    Now, acf_set_options_page_title() is a fine thing – but what if I install a plugin by someone else, who ALSO has embedded the lite mode of ACF/Options?

    In short, will all ACF/Options instances always be forced to share the same WP Admin menu top level item or can we forge our own?

    My main concern is the mixing of options pages between myself and another developer. While hopefully sub-pages will help us all stay out of each others way, but that is not assured.


  • Hi @soulhuntre

    Thanks for the question. Unfortunately, I don’t have the answer to this one.

    I think this is just an issue that is un avoidable.


  • This is a bit unfortunate. Is there any viable solutions for this?

    What happens if a user installs my theme, and a plugin of mine, and both are using that filter to change the title?

  • Hi @nphaskins

    Sounds like a new function is needed to create a parent level options page?

    This will be part of ACF v5.


  • That would be awesome. Until then i’ll use option tree if i need a global opts panel.

  • I second this functionality request. I’ve thought of this on multiple occasions, and this would definitely be handy.

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