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Options Page shortcode is not rendered corectly

  • Hi guys, i have a an option page, inside option page i have a Group field called Cookies and inside the group, i have plenty “wysiwyg” fields here.
    In order to get my field i use it like this:

    $cookies = get_field('cookies', 'option');
     $cookies['fieldname'] //this is just a random name, but it;s just to load the field.

    inside this field i have a shortcode “[domain_host]” that shows the domain name the website is hosted on.

    function domain_host(){
        $host_name = $_SERVER['SERVER_NAME'];
        return $host_name;
    add_shortcode('domain_host', 'domain_host');

    the problem is when i use the shortcode inside a field i get the the shortcode as text, “[domain_host]”. Do you know why i experience this ?

  • the easy way to fix this is by simply apply the_content fileter.

    $cookies = get_field('cookies', 'option');
    $text = $cookies['fieldname'];
    echo apply_filters('the_content', $text);
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