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Options Page + Repeater Field issue

  • I just purchased the Options plugin in hopes of using it with the Repeater Add-On I purchased previously. However when I add a Repeater field to an option page the values do not save. Furthermore the +/- buttons on the side and the “Add Row” button of the repeater do not function.

    Currently installed:
    ACF: 4.3.0
    Options: 1.2
    Repeater: 1.0.1

    Other observations I’ve noticed is that the numbering of the repeater field is always “1” (I was able to make a row show by changing the minimum from the default 0 to 1). Drag-n-drop sorting of the two “1” rows do not work either.

    I understand this is a fairly high-level bug report, if you need further information let me know.

  • ignore this bug report. turned out to be a file permission issue on my host.

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