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Options Page & Repeater Field Help

  • Hello,

    I purchased Options Page and Repeater Field in hopes of tackling a pending problem I have within WordPress.

    Can someone please offer some advice in regards to achieving this in WordPress?

    • Main Product page (1) that lists Product Families
    – Next level is individual Product Family page (2) that
    lists all the products that make up a Family
    • Third level is the individual Product Page (3)

    • My goal is to have the user enter the data once
    via fields on the Product page and have that
    flow to the Family and Main product pages.

    • The other question is how to get the fields on
    the Main Product page and the Family page to

    I’ve included a .pdf with an example.

    Thanks so much to anyone who may offer a solution for this problem.

  • Hi @mcaus

    It sounds like you want to create a product archive with categories.

    I would do this:

    1. Create a post type called ‘product’
    2. Create a taxonomy called ‘product-category’ and connect it to ‘product’
    3. Create a template file from the product archive ‘product-archive’ and create a custom loop that loops through all the categories. Each category should have a thumbnail which you can use ACF for
    4. Create a template field for the taxonomy archive ‘taxonomy-product-category’ and allow this to loop through and render out the products in this category
    5. Create a template for a sibgle product ‘single-product’ and this renders a single view. You can use ACF to populate field data for this product.

    I don’t think you will need the options page for this.

    Good luck


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